Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The police have named two suspects of the clash between Ahmadiyah congregations and local residents in Kampung Pendeuy, Umbulan Village, Cikeusik Sub-district, Pandeglang District, Banten Province.

"We have named two suspects whose initials are U and W with regard to the Ahmadiyah case," a police spokesman Senior Commissioner Boy Rafli Amar said here Tuesday.

The suspects are local residents of the village where the incident occurred, Boy said, adding that the police named them as the suspects based on investigation and information from several witnesses and video recordings.

According to Boy, 12 witnesses had already been asked for information about the clash and the police had assigned some of its personnel to assist the Banten Police and Pandeglang Police in conducting an investigation.

Three people were killed and five injured in the clash.

The dead are Roni, from Jakarta, and the siblings Karno and Mulyadi of Cikeusik.

The three dead people are undergoing an autopsy at the Banten Police Hospital.

Meanwhile, the five injured victims, Pipip of Cilegon; Dias, Ahmad, Deden Dermawan of Jakarta; and M Ahmad of Ciledug, are taken care at Rasa Asih Hospital.

Editor: AA Ariwibowo
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