Denpasar (ANTARA News) - The government should dare to take the firmest possible actions against activists of the Indonesian Islamic State (NII) movement, a legislator said.

"The the NII is a banned movement, so public prosecutors and police must quickly limit their space of movement," House of Representatives` Commission-III vice chairman Aziz Syamsuddin said here on Friday.

Speaking after attending the dedication of a Law and Human Rights Center at the Bali governor`s office complex, Aziz said law enforcers should no longer play games with the radical organization.

He said NII was not an organization with a legal status and therefore it could be dealt with by way of freezing and dissolving it.

"Thus it is for the government to respond and to take action against its activists," Aziz said, adding that the Law and Human Rights Ministry should also actively familiarize the people about the existence of the outlawed NII movement.

Meanwhile, Law and Human Rights Minister Patrialis Akbar said here on Thursday night that the NII movement aimed to disrupt the Unitary State of the Indonesian Republic (NKRI).

"There is no room for that group of people and organization who want to turn the country into an Islamic state. Anything that is outside the track of NKRI is illegal," Patrialis said.

Speaking at a dinner party hosted by Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika, the minister said he had no idea why the group and organization wanted to establish an Islamic state in Indonesia.

Patrialis said it was feared the NII movement would disrupt national unity and integrity and therefore its existence could not be tolerated.

"We are brothers in one nation and we don`t want to see the nation disintegrating. Therefore, there is no room for such a movement in Indonesia," Patrialis said.

Referring to the rampant brainwashing actions by NII activists at a number of universities in the country, the minister said it was done by only a few people. (*)

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