Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A ruling Democrat Party cadre said Yudhoyono`s statement on Monday gave relief and certainty to cadres and sympathizers.

"For cadres and sympathizers of the Democrat Party as well as the general public President Yudhoyono is still the strongest symbol of the Democrat Party," the party`s deputy secretary, Ramadhan Pohan, said here on Tuesday.

He said SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhyono) who is the party`s chief patron is a unity figure and a source of energy of the party.

Democrat Party members had been restless following information that had spread linked to sacked party treasurer Muhammad Nazaruddin. Pohan said the restlessness had now gone following President Yudhoyono`s statement.

"Certainty and self-confidence of party cadres were restored after President Yudhoyono`s speech last night," he said.

Pohan who is also a legislator said President Yudhoyono in his statement had said that the enemy of the Democrat Party was actually from outside the party and not among cadres within the party.

He said quoting Yudhoyono that some outside forces wished to destroy SBY`s and the party`s image all at once.

He said "for the Democrat Party what is important is keeping internal solidity intact and focussing on performance of cadres in the government, parliament and community."

He said their performance is the answer for public onfidence.

A political observer from Bengkulu University in Sumatra, Lumhur Sinaga, said the Democrat Party had to clean up, firing cadres that have proven hurting the party`s image.

He said the protracted polemic about the party so far had to be immediately stopped with a firm action from President Suslo Bambang Yudhoyono.

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