Democratic Party to name presidential candidate in 2013

Palembang, S Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Ruling Democratic Party will discuss and name its presidential candidate in 2013, the party`s Advisory Board deputy chairman Marzuki Ali said here on Sunday.

Marzuki made the statement after being asked about the party`s next presidential aspirant at a fast breaking function on Sunday evening.

According to him, the presidential aspirant from the Democratic Party would be decided by the party`s upper house, made up of nine persons.

"The mechanism will be made later by nine upper house members namely Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, myself, Andi, Anas Urbaningrum plus five other persons," Marzuki said.

He said the criteria of the presidential candidate was that the person should have a good track record and high integrity.

Marzuki added that it would be discussed in 2013.

Asked if one of the team of nine would be the Democrat Party`s presidential candidate, the House of Representatives speaker said he had no idea.

He said the presidential candidate could be from the party`s cadre or from external side but the most important thing was that the figure should have a capability to lead the nation.

"The person will become the leader of Indonesia and not of Democratic Party, therefore he or she should have a high integrity for the nation," Marzuki said.

Meanwhile, South Sumatra regional secretary of Democratic Party RHM Rasyidi said whoever would be nominated as presidential candidate would be determined by the party`s upper house.

"Whether to be a minister or a governor, it will be decided by upper house of the party," Rasyidi said.

Asked if Marzuki Ali would be nominated, he said it was natural because he was a son of the region who has to be supported, but in reality it had yet to be discussed.  (*)