Abu Tholut sentenced to eight years for terrorism

Abu Tholut sentenced to eight years for terrorism

Abu Tholut. (ANTARA/Dhoni Setiawan)

Jakarta, Oct 13 (ANTARA) - The West Jakarta District Court sentenced Abu Tholut to eight years in jail on Thursday for involvement in terrorism.

The sentence was lighter that the prosecutor`s demand of 12 years in prison.

Chief judge Musa Arief said Abu Tholut was proven validly and convincingly committing a terrorism crime.

He said Abu Tholut was proven to have and keep firearms and explosive materials and had intensely communicated with the late terrorist Dulmatin and Abu Bakar.

"The defendant befriended with terrorists and was involved in a military-like training for terrorists in Aceh," he said when reading the verdict.

Abu Tholut had been polite during the court sessions to favor him but incriminating his action was that it had caused public unrest, he said.

In response to the verdict the prosecutor and Abu Tholut`s lawyer said they would think about it before deciding what to do next.

Abu Tholut was mentioned to have trained in shooting, dismantling a firearm, reading a map and defend strategies and martial arts. As many as 43 people participated in the training.