Embassies urged to monitor citizens in Europe

Embassies urged to monitor citizens in Europe

Snow at north Italy beach. (REUTERS/Max Rossi)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The House of Representatives` (DPR) Commission I has called on Indonesian embassies in Europe to monitor citizens due to extreme weather conditions in the region.

"The DPR hopes the Indonesian embassies across Europe will continue monitoring Indonesian citizens, although none of them has fallen victims to the weather conditions so far," Commission chairman Mahfudz Siddiq said at the parliament building here on Monday.

He added that if the extreme cold weather conditions continue, it would be better to evacuate Indonesian citizens to safer places.

A citizen living in France, Irma S, said this year`s winter was worse than in past years.

"The temperature is far below that of years before. Right now it is reaching below minus 11 Celcius," she said.

Additionally, the Indonesian foreign ministry has urged citizens needing help to come the embassy.

More than 300 people have died in Europe due to the extreme cold weather in the region this week, reaching an average of minus 50 degrees Celcius.