Hundreds commemorate Yogyakarta earthquake

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Hundreds of people gathered in Yogyakarta city`s square here on Sunday to attend a ceremony held to commemorate six years after a big earthquake hit the city.

"The earthquake that struck Yogyakarta six years ago has caused casualties and damage to the city`s infrastructure. Learning from the past incident, people need to be more aware of possible natural disaster in the future," Vice Governor Sri Paduka Paku Alam IX said here on Sunday at the ceremony.

He said Indonesia is located between three continental plates: the Eurasian Plate, Indo Australian Plate and the Pacific Plate. The condition makes the country prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides.

"The commemoration event today aims to increase people`s awareness towards possible natural disasters that may hit their areas," he said.

In 2006 a 5.9 Richter scale earthquake hit Yogyakarta and Central Java province. The quake which last for 57 seconds killed 6,000 local people and destroyed thousands of buildings in the city. (*)