Dahlan Iskan could be a suspect in test drive accident

Dahlan Iskan could be a suspect in test drive accident

Photo document of Dahlan Iskan and his Tucuxi electric car. ( ANTARA/HO/M. Risyal Hidayat)

"Therefore, Dahlan could be a suspect in the case."
Magetan (ANTARA News) - State-owned Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan could be a suspect in a Tucuxi electric car test drive accident that occurred in Dadi village, Plaosan sub-district, Magetan district, East Java, on January 5.

"The East Java Regional Police will look into the case on January 9," said Magetan`s Police Chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Agus Santosa.

Agus said the police will work closely with other agencies to examine the technical requirements and feasibility of the prototype, the Tucuxi electric car.

Meanwhile, the East Java Police`s traffic directorate head, Adjunct Police Commissioner Ade Safri Simanjuntak, said based on the team`s tentative conclusion, the accident had occurred because of the driver`s oversight.

"Therefore, Dahlan could be a suspect in the case," said Ade.

The minister had violated several articles of Law 22, Year 2009, on Traffic and Road Transportation. He had breached Article 310, paragraph 1, Article 280, and Article 64, paragraph 1, on negligence that causes accidents, with a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment and/or a maximum fine of 1 million rupiah.

According to Article 280 and Article 64, paragraph 1, if an individual violates the rules of registration and identification of motor vehicles, he/she can face a maximum penalty of two months imprisonment or a maximum fine of 500 thousand rupiah.

"The `DI 19` license plate attached to the electric car was not officially registered. After investigations, the police found that the license plate was not registered with the Integrated Administration Service, Samsat," said Ade.

Dahlan Iskan was testing an electric car worth 1.5 billion Rupiah on January 5, when the car`s brakes failed, resulting in an accident in Plaosan, Magetan.