Indonesian aerospace firm focusing on Asia-Pacific market

Indonesian aerospace firm focusing on Asia-Pacific market

Pesawat N-219 yang tengah dikembangkan oleh PT Dirgantara Indonesia dan Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT) saat Pameran Hari Ulang Tahun BPPT di Jakarta, Rabu (12/9). Pameran untuk meramaikan HUT BPPT ke-34 ini menampilkan berbagai teknologi hasil kreasi BPPT dan berlangsung hingga 14 September 2012 di Gedung BPPT. (FOTO ANTARA/Dhoni Setiawan)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Aerospace Company (PTDI) is focusing on the Asia-Pacific market and investing Rp1.4 trillion in 2013 mainly for development of NC212-I, CN235 Next G and N219 aircraft.

PTDI is also concentrating on the production facility maintenance, regeneration and decomposition of human resources and increasing the amount of work capital for contracted projects from the Indonesian government, Assistant to PTDI`s President Director for Quality Control, Sonny Saleh Ibrahim, told ANTARA here on Saturday.

According to him, the company`s investment program in 2013 has been incorporated in PTDI`s 2013 Business Plan which has been decided by the share holders, the Ministry of State Enterprises and the Ministry of Finance.

Sonny pointed out that PTDI has also had its sale plan in 2013 as the company noted the projection of the world market that needs 300 units of military transport aircraft in the medium class as CN235 (with 35 to 50 seats) till 2019.

He further said the Indonesian market was projected to demand 120 aeroplanes of smaller-class with 15 to 19 seats from 2011 to 2030 for civil and military purposes. In this segment, PTDI will sell new-type aircraft N219 with 19 seats.

In 2013, PTDI has the opportunity to get contracts from the domestic market for three units of CN235 for the Navy, three Bell 412-EP helicopters for the Navy, Sonny said, adding that still in this year, PTDI is trying to win contracts from a number of Asian countries which are expected to buy two units of CN295, four units of CN235 and two units of NC212.

Sonny said the company was projected to deliver three units of CN235, three units of NC212 and two units of Bell 412-EP helicopters.


PTDI is also offering its prime services as manufacturing of aerostructure components with high quality, competitive prices and on-time delivery services, Sonny said.

PTDI`s costumers for the services are Spirite (Britain) for Airbus, Eurocopter (France), Airbus Military (Spain), KAI (Korea) for Boeing, CTRM (Malaysia) for Airbus, he said.

Likewise, PTDI produces such multi-function aircraft of small and medium sizes as NC212, CN235, CN295, Nbell 412, NAS332 Superpuma and EC725 Cougar which are fit for developing countries.

The company also offers modification services for PTDI aircraft to the countries which use PTDI products and Boeing with serial numbers from 200 to 400 in Indonesia among other things, he said.

Sonny pointed out that countries which use PTDI`s NAS 332 Superpuma helicopters are Indonesia and Malaysia, and those using PTDI`s CN235 and NC212 include Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Pakistan, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Venezuela and Indonesia.


Sonny said PTDI has set up long-term cooperation with a number of such world-class companies as Spirite (Britain) on the manufacturing of components for different types of Airbus, Airbus Military (Spain) on sharing production of CN235.

He added that as a delivery center for Asia and the Pacific, PTDI will raise the cooperation into profit sharing basis for NC212 and the company will serve as delivery center for CN295 in Asia and the Pacific.

PTDI also cooperates with Eurocopter (France) on the manufacturing of components for EC725/EC225 and the company will also serve as a delivery center for Indonesia. In cooperation with Bell Textron (Canada), PTDI will be the Bell 412 delivery center for Indonesia.

With European Aeronautic Defence ans Space Company, PTDI will serve as Airbus and Eurocopter holding company. In the strategic cooperation with Airbus Military, PTDI will market NC212, CN235 and C295 in Asia and the Pacific besides cooperation on NC212 improvement.


Commenting on the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum scheduled to be held in Bali, in October 2013, Sonny said the forum is expected to call on developed countries like Japan which have made Indonesia a big market to maintain the fair trade with Indonesia so as to balance the import and export values.

What he meant by the fair trade is that according to Sonny a one billion coal trade is not of the same value as that of a one-billion crude oil trade. The amount of the money is the same but the result of the trade in the mining sector is different as that in the automotive sector.

Sonny explained that the trade in the mining sector would reduce the mining sources and damage the environment while the trade in the automotive sector would not reduce the automotive production.

Sonny hoped Indonesia through the upcoming APEC forum would call on developed countries to buy its industrial products including aircraft and to use their own mining resources.

As the economy in the Asia-Pacific is improving, more countries in the region are expected to buy PTDI`s aircraft so that the population of PTDI products in the world would increase and there would be commonality products of PTDI, he added. (B005/B003)