This is proven with the fact that several police members were abducted and murdered."
Palu, Central Java (ANTARA News) - Presidium Chairman of the Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) Neta S Pane said the perpetrators of terror acts in Poso, Central Sulawesi, had become more and more aggressive as reflected in the suicide bombing incident Monday.

Neta said in his written statement made available here Monday that police`s repressive actions turned out to be responded to by the public (radicals) with desperate acts.

He said that repressive police actions in coping with (terror) problems, turned out to have created grudge among certain segment of the people against security officers.

On December 29, 2012, for example, five of the 15 terror suspects who were released by the police suffered from bruising as a result of abuse during their seven-day questioning following the shooting incident of a member of the Mobile Brigade of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police.

Besides, there were still provocations by radical groups in Poso that inspired armed groups to become increasingly emboldened and were desperate in spreading terrors.

"This is proven with the fact that several police members were abducted and murdered," he said.

Neta also suspected that the number of armed civilians in the region was increasing.

He said that the IPW was saddened over the suicide bombing incident at the Poso Police Headquarters which killed the perpetrator.

The IPW presidium chairman said that the incident could be seen from two aspects, namely the short-term and long-term aspects.

In the short-term, the terror act was related to a certain group which was trying to draw attention by attacking police facilities, though they eventually failed.

In the long-term, the act is part of the chain of radicalism or terrorism potentials.

He said that the conflict in Poso District no longer involved communal conflict only but it had also escalated to certain group of people who resisted the police.

"It indicates that the intensity of radicalism in Poso is becoming higher and higher," he said.

After all, the Poso redicals` networks are still linked to that of Solo, Central Java, that gave birth to new cadres.

"This chain must be cut off so that radicalism in Poso could be ended," said Neta.

On Monday morning, the Poso Police office in Central Sulawesi Province was hit by a suicide bomb carried out by a male motorist.

The suicide bomber`s body was torn into pieces, Sofyan, a local journalist, who was in the scene when the bombing happened, said.

Eye witnesses said the motorist trespassed the police office`s complex area despite efforts by several police officers to stop him.

Around 20 meters from the guard post, the bomb exploded in front of the police office`s mosque.

The bomb did not claim other lives but parts of the police office building and mosque were damaged moderately.

Spokesman of the Central Sulawesi Police Office Adjunct Senior Commissioner Soemarno confirmed about the bombing but could not give the detail because the police are still investigating the attack.

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