Police should take stern action against illegal gun owners

Palu, C Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - Chairman of the Indonesia Police Watch Presidium (IPW) Neta S Pane urged police and the government to take stern actions against illegal weapon owners following the recent spate of shooting cases.

In his written statement received here on Sunday, Pane said that police could not prevent and catch the mysterious gunmen.

Of the 20 mysterious shooting cases which occurred over the past 45 days, police were only able to arrest one perpetrator namely in Boyolali District, Central Java, he said.

According to IPW, the mysterious shooting occurred across the country or from Aceh in the most-western part to Papua, the most-eastern part, and ten cases of which occurred in the Metro Jaya police jurisdiction.

Their shooting targets were 10 cars, three Trans Jakarta bus stops and a police house, he said, adding that some police personnel and one military man also became a target of the shootings.

"Consequently, three persons were killed and five injured, three of whom were police officers," Pane said.

He said further that the shooting actions happened among others because the government is permissive to the presence of firearms among civilians and there is no policy to eradicate it completely.

Apart from that, the police are not serious about cracking down on civilians who possess illegal weapons, he disclosed.

"If the government and police are not firm in law enforcement, shooting actions in the streets are feared to continue to grow in this country," Pane added.

Reporting by Riski Maruto

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