Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is scheduled to inaugurate Commissioner General Sutarman to replace General Timur Pradopo as the new Indonesian National Police (Polri) chief at 3 pm on Friday.

The president on September 27, 2013 submitted to the House of Representatives (DPR) the name of Sutarman as the sole candidate for the post of the next National Police chief.

At the time the head of state in a letter asked the House of Representatives to endorse Sutarman, the chief of the Polri`s Crime Investigation Department, as the candidate for the new National Policed chief.

Then, after going through a long process of fit and proper test, Sutarman was finally approved by the House of Representatives` Commission III to become the new Police chief on October 17.

House` Commission III Chairman Pieter Zulkifli said at the time that after the end of the fit and proper test, nine political party factions expressed their views and approval to the appointment of Sutarman to become the new National Police chief, and to approve the resignation of current Police Chief General Timur Pradopo.

Editor: AA Ariwibowo
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