Purworejo, C Java (ANTARA News) - Floods still affected six villages in Central Javas Purworejo district on Sunday, a spokesman said.

Several villages in the southern part of the district including Butuh and Grabag sub-districts were still flooded, with a water level of more than one meter in the worst-hit area, head of the Purworejo district disaster mitigation board Boedi Hardjono said here on Sunday.

The six affected villages are Kedungmulyo, Mangunjayan, and Sidomulyo in Butuh sub-district, and Rowodadi, Bendungan, and Trimulyo in Grabag sub-district.

A Search and Rescue (SAR) team comprising elements of the Indonesian military, police, red cross, disaster mitigation board and volunteers continued to evacuate residents trapped in the floods, he said.

Boedi said two temporary public kitchens had been set up to help the flood victims.

"The Purworejo district administration, along with the Indonesian military has set up two public kitchens to provide food to the flood victims," he said.

The Purworejo-Kebumen land communication which had been cut off had returned to normal, he said.

He called on local residents to stay alert for floods due to bad weather.

"Although there is no rain today, clouds are blanketing Purworejo now. I hope there will be no rain and the flood will recede quickly," he said.

Reporting by Heru Suyitno

Editor: Jafar M Sidik
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