Jakarta (ANTARA News) - This year, Indonesia recorded a rice production surplus of 5.4 million tons, according to the Agriculture Ministry.

The countrys rice production reached 39.8 million tons, while its rice consumption stood at 34.4 million tons this year, Agriculture Minister Suswono stated here on Monday.

"This year, a number of agricultural commodities recorded a surplus in production," he remarked at a discussion on Indonesian food and agriculture.

Besides rice, other commodities also recorded a production surplus, which include corn recorded at 4.1 million tons, onion at 84 thousand tons, chili at 187.9 thousand tons, and poultry meat and poultry egg at 419.8 thousand tons and 54.6 thousand tons respectively, he claimed.

In 2013, corn production touched 18.5 million tons and its consumption reached 14.3 million tons, while onion production stood at 1.02 million tons and its consumption touched 937.2 thousand tons.

Meanwhile, chili production reached 1.1 million tons and its consumption stood at 924.4 thousand tons, poultry meat production reached 1.5 million tons and its consumption reached 1.1 million tons, while poultry egg production touched 1.76 million tons and its consumption stood at 1.71 million tons.

Sugar production necessary to meet domestic needs, recorded a surplus of 384.3 thousand tons, with production touching 3.03 million and consumption being 2.1 million tons, he added.

"However, sugar production required to meet national demands, including those from industries or other users, will likely fall short of the targeted 2.54 million tons for this year," he stated.

Reporting by Subagyo

Editor: Jafar M Sidik
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