We will continue to develop the robot."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Jakarta Regional Police has created a robot to monitor security and public order and provide tourism information.

"The robot will deliver information to the people such as the orderly traffic habits," Chief of Jakarta Police inspector General Dwi Priyatno stated here on Friday.

Dwi added that the police is developing public order monitoring robots in a bid to create conducive security conditions in Jakarta city.

The Jakarta Police is also developing tourism robots, which will offer details and locations of tourist spots as well as the locations of police stations in Jakarta.

Director of Vital Object Security in Jakarta Police Senior Commissioner Adi Cahyo remarked that the institution is still creating the prototype of the tourism robot.

"We will continue to develop the robot," Adi noted.

He added that the police will station the robots at strategic locations such as airports and tourism areas.

"We have temporarily set the robot to respond to three languages such as Bahasa, English, and Chinese," Adi stated.

He claimed that most of the tourists use the three languages in international activities.

Adi pointed out that the Jakarta Police is coordinating with the Jakarta Tourism Sub-official to develop the robots.

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