RAJA AMPAT, West Papua, Indonesia, Aug. 11, 2014 (ANTARA) -- Sail Raja Ampat 2014, one of the Sail Series organized by the Ministry of Marine and Affairs of Republic of Indonesia, is on its way to kick off on Aug 17 2014. The preparation is nearly finished, tackling all the doubts among the international community that the event would be canceled due to several issues. The launching of Sail Raja Ampat 2014 was initially scheduled on June 21. The delay is due to the infrastructure preparation, such as the sea port, airport, highway, and other public facilities to guarantee that the participants and the visitors will get the best experience out of it.

Dedi H. Sutisna, Secretary of Organizing Committee for the National Level of the Sail Raja Ampat 2014 representing the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, said, "The arrangement of the accommodation and public facilities have been thoroughly and professionally prepared by all elements of the organizing committee, from the local to the national level, to ensure all of the visitors and participants well accommodated."

Dedi continued that the hotels and inns, located both in Sorong and Raja Ampat regency, are perfectly prepared to welcome all the guests. Meanwhile, the flight heading Sorong is provided by several national airlines while the direct flight from Sorong to Raja Ampat is only served by Susi Air, with the maximum capacity of 14 passengers. To reach Waisai, the capital and the administrative center of Raja Ampat regency, the visitors can use the Sorong-Saonek-Waisai ferry services.

Sail Raja Ampat 2014 consists of seven agendas:
  1. The 69th Indonesia Independence day ceremony in Waisai, Aug. 17
  2. Raja Ampat Culture Festival, Aug. 18-25
  3. The Regional Potential Exhibition, Aug. 19-23
  4. Diplomatic Tour, Aug. 20-22
  5. VIP Tour, Aug. 21
  6. VVIP Tour, Aug. 22
  7. Peak Event, Aug. 23 in Torang Cinta Beach, Waisai
The Sail event is an annual international event formulating the sailing activities and other marine-oriented activities with the coastal and maritime tourism. A number of ministries, institutions, and public and private sectors work closely to synergize the programs with an eye to give economical and cultural benefits both to the participants and the communities where the Sail takes place.

"Sail Raja Ampat 2014 is a perfect momentum to promote the already stunning tourism industry in West Papua. The beauty of its nature boasting approximately 1.700 islands will be the main attraction to the international tourists," concluded Dedi.

For further information, please contact:
Anang Noegroho
Head of Statistic and Data Center
The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries

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