Ministry hopes Papuan traditional house to be listed in UNESCO

Manokwari, W.Papua (ANTARA News) - The Ministry of Tourism hopes a Papuan traditional house, locally called "kaki seribu" (a thousand legs), will be listed as world heritage in the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO) list.
The Assistant Deputy of Natural and Artificial Tourism Development, the Ministry of Tourism, Azwir Malaon, said here on Monday that it is an Arfak tribal house in the Arfak mountains, West Papua province.
He explained that the traditional house is owned by the Arfak tribe and such structure can only be found in the district and in the surroundings of the Arfak mountains.
According to him, the house is a legacy of the Arfak society. Such structure is constructed on the basis of the philosophy of life pursued by the local community.
He explained that nothing like an Arfak traditional house or culture can be found in other regions and countries. Therefore, it should be recognized as a world heritage and should be preserved well.
Azwir remarked that if UNESCO recognizes it as part of the worlds heritage, no other parties or countries will be able to lay a claim to this culture.
He said the process of making a submission to UNESCO takes a long time and will not be easy, but it should be done in order to retain this heritage.
"Many tourists will visit the Arfak mountains as the traditional house is going to be a tourist attraction," Azwir added.
According to him, this wooden stilt house is very strong and unique in that it serves as a residence for many family members, reflecting the value of togetherness.
The uniqueness and specialty of this house, Azwir said, make it very worthy to be promoted as the world cultural heritage.(*)