We also condemn the cruelty committed by Zionist Israel against the Palestinian people."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Mathlaul Anwar (MA), one of Indonesias oldest and largest Muslim organizations, has put forth eight recommendations to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

The recommendations were presented when MA Chairman KH Ahmad Syadeli Karim and his delegation were received by the head of state at the Merdeka Palace, here, Monday.

"We support the governments policies, particularly those concerning poverty eradication based on integrated data and cross-sector synchronization. Until now, (we) have consistently played an active role in promoting the empowerment of the Muslim economy, including in developing cooperatives movement and alms bodies," he affirmed.

The MA will continue to take steps to contribute to the nation and safeguard the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia that respects national plurality and upholds law enforcement, human rights, and democracy.

"We also condemn the cruelty committed by Zionist Israel against the Palestinian people. We urge the government to take steps, be more active, and play a strategic role to end the occupation of Palestinian land by Zionist Israel," he stated.

As part of the recommendations, the MA has also reminded the government to seriously prepare every national component to face the competitive era of the ASEAN Economic Community.

It also calls on the government to implement anticipatory measures against elements supporting communism.

Moreover, the MA has urged the government to retain regional regulations that uphold noble values, such as those banning alcohol and pornography.

In the meantime, President Jokowi has called on MA to open vocational schools in provinces across the country.

Indonesia had plenty of universities and needs more vocational schools and polytechnics, Jokowi was quoted as saying by Aat Surya Safaat, the MA spokesman.

The president has urged MA to open more vocational schools, he noted.

The Banten-based organization has several schools, with thousands of students throughout Indonesia, particularly in areas where access to education is still poor.

The organization has suggested that the Jokowi government offer scholarships to Islamic school graduates to help them advance to higher educational institutions to pursue an undergraduate degree.

Established on July 10, 1916, MA has reaffirmed its commitment to contributing to the nation by advancing education, preaching, and social activities for improving the quality of life of Muslims, in particular, and all Indonesians, in general.

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