"There will be no impact on the Indonesian people who live, work, study or do business in the UK," Moazzam Malik said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The British Ambassador to Indonesia, Moazzam Malik, said the referendum resulting in Britains exit from the EU will not affect the partnership between the UK and Indonesia.

"There will be no impact on the Indonesian people who live, work, study or do business in the UK," he said at a press conference here on Saturday.

The Ambassador assured that Britain will remain committed to establishing a close relationship with Indonesia.

"We still have a competitive fundamental economy with skills and great talents. We will continue our good partnership with Indonesia. I believe our relations will be even closer in the future," the Ambassador remarked.

He added that the visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron to Jakarta last year and the visit of President Joko Widodo to London in April 2016 were a reflection of the commitment to improve relations and cooperation between the two countries.

"Indonesia is our G20 partner and has a very important role in achieving welfare and stabilizing security scenario," the Ambassador affirmed.

He noted that within the past year, Indonesia and Britain have signed seven cooperation agreements in the fields of education, innovation and research, police cooperation, air space, creative industries, sports and maritime sector.

Ambassador Moazzam reminded that trade relationship between Indonesia and the UK has grown over the last few years and the referendum would not affect the continuity of the partnership between the two countries.

He noted that the UK is still among the ten largest economies in the world and the fifth largest investor for Indonesia.

"I see no reason why we should step back from this cooperation," the Ambassador emphasized, adding that British companies are responsible for millions of jobs in Indonesia.

Reuters reported the British people who wanted the UK to remain a member of the European Union lagged behind those who wanted the country to leave the EU by 21 million votes.

About 17.4 million people voted for the UK to leave the EU and 16.1 million people wanted the country to remain a part of the EU.

Sunderland, Leeds, Luton, Swindon and Kirkless saw a landslide victory for those who wanted Britain to leave the EU.(*)

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