Solo bombing linked to ISIS: Intelligence analyst

Solo bombing linked to ISIS: Intelligence analyst

Ridlwan Habib (

The Solo bombing is part of ISIS` Ramadan operation worldwide ..."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Intelligence analyst Ridlwan Habib of the University of Indonesia believes that Tuesday mornings suicide bomb attack in Solo, Central Java, was orchestrated by the radical pro Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group.

"The Solo bombing is part of ISIS Ramadan operation worldwide, targeting security apparatuses as a means of seeking revenge," Habib remarked when contacted by ANTARA News on Tuesday.

The analyst opined that Solo was chosen as the location for the suicide bombing as the city had long been a base for numerous pro ISIS radical movements.

In addition, Habib pointed out that the suicide bomb attack was a form of insult to the government and the country as President Joko Widodo hailed from Solo.

Following the Solo bombing incident on Tuesday morning, the intelligence analyst called on security officials to remain alert to possible subsequent attacks in other parts of Indonesia.

The suicide bomber, who was targeting the Police Headquarters in the city of Surakarta on Tuesday morning, was stopped by a police officer, but a few minutes later, the bomb exploded and killed the attacker.

According to Heri, a vendor at the scene, the suicide bomber on a motorcycle tried to barge into the Police Headquarters on Jalan Adi Sucipto at 7:30 a.m. local time but was intercepted by a policeman. However, the perpetrator managed to blow himself up and died.

"The attacker was killed at the site of the incident, and the policeman, who tried to intercept him, was injured and rushed to the Panti Waluyo hospital," Heri revealed.

Preliminary reports indicated that the bomber had used low-grade explosives to make the homemade bomb, which like most improvised explosive devices, contained ball bearings and screws.

Security forces have been on high alert during recent months in Indonesia where the people will be celebrating the end of Ramadan on Wednesday.