Indonesia, New Zealand cooperate in e-commerce sector

Indonesia, New Zealand cooperate in e-commerce sector

CEO of Matahari Hadi Wenas with CEO of Ben Powles signing MoU in Jakarta, Monday (July 18, 2016). (

At this time, we will focus first on the consumers in Indonesia."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia and New Zealand have agreed to cooperate in the e-commerce sector following the signing of an agreement between and Fishpond, which is expected to open a broader market in this digital era.

"Through this cooperation, we want to be the number one, and our consumers will be able to access more quality products. At this time, we will focus first on the consumers in Indonesia," Hadi Wenas, the CEO of MatahariMall, remarked here on Monday.

Wenas noted that Indonesias e-commerce sector had grown in the last two to three years, and in cooperation with Fishpond, the country will gain valuable experience.

"This cooperation is of interest for us, as we can learn what type of products can be sold, especially in emerging markets. In the long term, we want to expand the reach of local products to global markets through Fishpond," he emphasized.

According to Wenas, Indonesias current challenge is the shift from offline to online trading. Once the local products are marketed at the national level, then the global market will be the next target.

On the occasion, Ben Powles, the CEO of Fishpond, affirmed that this form of cooperation will offer a wide selection of quality products to customers, especially in Indonesia. This time, the focus will be on how to bring quality products to the domestic market.

"Our focus now is to bring the product into Indonesia and will aim to sell Indonesias products in the global market," Powles remarked.

In addition to cooperation in the e-commerce sector, Indonesia and New Zealand have also signed a cooperation agreement in the aviation and electricity sectors.

In the aviation sector, FlyBest Flight Academy and Ardmore Flying School have agreed to offer training to pilots from Indonesia.