SME actors not too aware about innovation: Habibie

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Chairman of the Institute for Democratization through Science and Technology, Ilham Akbar Habibie, said the level of awareness among those running Small and Medium Enterprises about how to innovate in their businesses is still relatively low.

"The SME actors awareness about ways to innovate is still very limited. In fact, to be able to compete in the market, they actually have to resort to innovation," Ilham stated at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) here on Wednesday.

The son of the third President of the Republic of Indonesia, B.J. Habibie, he argued that SME actors should be made more aware about the importance of innovation in facing an increasingly fierce competition in the future.

Ilham reminded a successful innovation strategy must have a purpose.

According to Ilham, the lack of interest in innovating was because of a poor understanding of the three main components that are virtually the foundation stones --- technology, talent and tolerance.

"The main problem is the technology. Many SME actors fall short when it comes to keeping pace with technology. They do not even understand its function," Ilham pointed out.

Ilham appealed to the SME actors to be more open to technological developments.

"Although we have not been able to innovate in technology but at least, we can be its good users. One can gauge the need of the market and gain ideas with the help of technology," he underlined.

Successful innovation would ensure that the SME actors not only reap economic benefits but also set an example for other SMEs to progress and chart the path of development," Ilham argued.(*)