Students encouraged to use social media wisely

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Students must use the social media wisely as not only it helps one in many ways but it can also propel and usher in the much needed change in society.

"We can use social media to help those in need, for example by creating a virtual charity box or organizing fundraisers. If we can utilize it correctly, social media can bring benefits to other people as well," said Campus Coordinator, Muhammad Junaedi.

He was speaking at a seminar themed Socio Technology Future Leader, Online Fundraising for Campus Issues in the Yogjakarta Muhammadiyah University, Jogjakarta, on Tuesday.

He encouraged students to use social media platforms effectively and innovatively, as Indonesia is home to numerous people who are willing to help but there are not enough websites or platforms out there that could link them with those in need.

Junaedi added that the non-profit site he manages was one such example of positive use of social media as it raises funds for those in need.

The site acts as a carrier for change, he pointed out.

"In online fundraising, a few steps need to be looked after. One can proceed through peer funding. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of donations come from immediate surroundings. So, for that reason, start by listing down a hundred friends who are potential donors as well. The fundraising also needs to be done through online media platforms instead of broadcast messages lest irresponsible individuals try to misuse it," he cautioned.

Meanwhile, a founder of Jogjakarta Hipwee Community, Irvandias Sanjaya, underlined that the young generation can bring change in the community with its ideas by using social media.

"In realizing these ideas, one needs to make tangible efforts, network, devote time, be fired with idealism and have access to money. Money can be a challenge and we can seek support through fundraising schemes in order to actualize our ideas, which surely should be beneficial to other people," he commented.(*)