Indonesia must adapt to the rapid development of technology to keep up by creating sustainable innovation and creativity."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Facebook CEO Mark Elliot Zuckerberg has offered Indonesia a solution to increase Internet network in remote areas using unmanned aircraft (drone) designed by Facebook to boost the growth of small and medium industries (SMI).

The offer was made by Zuckerberg to Indonesian Industry Minister Airlangga Hartanto after attending APEC Business Advisory Council in Lima, Peru.

"Indonesia must adapt to the rapid development of technology to keep up by creating sustainable innovation and creativity," Airlangga said in a written statement received here.

Earlier, Airlangga said, Vice President M Jusuf Kalla had a dialogue with Zuckerberg after attending the APEC Business Advisory Council in Lima, Peru, on Saturday (Nov 19) and discussed the Internet connectivity in Indonesia.

Airlangga said the connectivity program developed by Facebook can combine economic development in general. The program fits the APECs theme which emphasizes the equality of economic growth.

On several occasions, Airlangga said that the current worldwide industrial world is being transformed to welcome the fourth industrial revolution or known as Industry 4.0.

"This industry era emphasizes a collaborative manufacturing process with digital world, especially with the Internet of Things platform," he noted.

Airlangga believes, the Industry 4.0 aims to find measures that are more efficient and optimize production processes in order to achieve maximum outputs.

"Therefore, the Ministry of Industry is reviewing some of industries that can be developed as an industry pioneer for the development of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia," he said.

Airlangga added that currently, there are many types of internet-based products that can be encountered daily, such as social media, banking, buying and selling and many more applications.

The tremendous opportunities of Internet market in Indonesia are expected to increasingly popping up new digital industrial products and local innovative start-ups.

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