Indonesia, France to cooperate on vocational education

Indonesia, France to cooperate on vocational education

Institute of Francais Indonesie (IFI). (

London (ANTARA News) - Indonesia and France will cooperate with each other on vocational education in various fields, a statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Paris received by ANTARA News here.

The vocational education program is part of the strategic partnership that began in 2011 between the two countries.

The embassy in collaboration with Institute of Francais Indonesie (IFI) and the French Embassy in Jakarta brought together 50 vocational education actors of both countries at a focus group discussion, Surya Rosa Putra, the embassys education and culture attach, revealed.

The forum discussed vocational education programs in four areas: Energy, tourism, agriculture and, maritime.

The Indonesian Ambassador to France, Monaco and Andorra, Hotmangaradja Pandjaitan, asserted the importance of cooperation in the field of education, from elementary to high school grades.

Vocational education is critical if Indonesia has to become the worlds 7th largest economic power by 2030, Ananto Kusuma Seta, an advisor to the Minister of Education and Culture for Innovation and Competitiveness, said.

The discussion on cooperation in vocational education on energy involves Campus des Motiers et des Qualifications (CMQ - Campus Vocational and Qualification), Energie et efficacit Energitique (CMQ3E), and the Indonesian Directorate of Vocational Education.

CMQ3E is a featured group consisting of several vocational institutions, universities, companies, and economic actors, which help graduates to work professionally in France.

The cooperation between the two countries is focused on helping Indonesia improve the quality of teachers, and developing a four-year vocational school in the country.

Since 2015, CMQ3E has brought in experts into Indonesia, and received several teachers to undergo internships as well as eight students to study at BTS (Brevet Technicien Superieur) at CMQ3E.

The two countries plan to build on the program through steps such as setting up a Center of Excellence for training of vocational teachers in energy, tourism, agriculture, and maritime fields in Indonesia.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) on educational cooperation is expected to be signed between the two countries soon.