Biak (ANTARA News) - The Indonesia Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) said poverty rate in the countrys poorest region Papua dropped slightly to 28.4% in September, 2016 from 28.54 percent in March in the same year.

The rate was much higher than 10.86% of the countrys average of poverty with 28 million people living below the poverty line in March 2016.

Poverty rate in Papua is higher in rural areas where 37.07% of the population lived in poverty as against only 4.21% in urban areas.

Food is the main factor contributing 72.31% to poverty with non food including housing, health , clothing, education contributing only 27.69%.

In Bengkulu, the poverty rate was 17.03% in September 2016, improving from 17.23% in March 2016, the provincial Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) said.

There was a slight decline in the number of people living below the poverty line from 328,610 in Macdh , 2016 to 325,600 in September in the same year, the Bengkulu BPS office said.

In urban areas the poverty rate was 16.16% or 98,070 persons and in rural areas it was 17.43% or 227,530 persons.

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