Government to focus on equitable development programs: President Jokowi

Government to focus on equitable development programs: President Jokowi

Presiden Joko Widodo (Jokowi). (ANTARA/Widodo S. Jusuf/P003)

I called the education and culture minister last night, urging that smart cards be distributed to all orphans in the country."
Bogor (ANTARA News) - The governments work programs for 2017 and preparations for 2018 will focus on equitable development, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated.

"Although our gini ratio is improving, yet it is still high. Hence, we have to work hard to lower the gaps, both among regions and between the rich and poor," President Jokowi noted during a cabinet plenary meeting at the Bogor State Palace on Wednesday.

The president pointed out that equitable development program is the main focus of his government ahead.

In an effort to reduce the gaps, the governments policy on asset redistribution and land legalization is crucial, as it wants the public to have ownership of land.

He remarked that the government will focus on offering concession to the people, such as on customary land and certification of land. To this end, comprehensive efforts will be made in the coming two years.

"I have told the BPN minister (agrarian and spatial planning minister/head of the National Land Agency) and the LHK minister (environment and forestry minister) that asset redistribution, which had been started in late 2016, should be carried out with utmost commitment and on a massive scale in 2017," the president affirmed.

He said that in order to provide people with equitable access to capital, the scope of the governments micro credit program KUR should be increased and expanded in 2017 and the subsequent year.

"I think the KUR program should reach many more people, with more amounts of micro loans being disbursed and making it increasingly easier for the people to obtain," he stated.

Jokowi also urged insurance institutions to be involved in the program, calling for promoting financial inclusiveness, so that the people will become increasingly bankable.

In the equitable development program, Jokowi also laid emphasis on enhancing opportunities for the people to hone their skills through vocational education and training.

"I have seen this at the Manpower Ministry, which was cooperating with Kadin (the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry). I hope more ministries would be involved under the guidance of the coordinating minister. I think the number of people involved in this program should not only reach thousands but also millions," he stressed.

Moreover, the president wants the Indonesia Smart and Health Cards program to cover more number of people and be implemented soon.

"I called the education and culture minister last night, urging that smart cards be distributed to all orphans in the country," he remarked.

The head of state also reminded that in the efforts to ensure social justice, one should not forget cultural development and the nations mental and character building.

"I have conveyed many times that the values of the states ideology of Pancasila are the right means of facing the evolving world where the influence of radicalism and extremism is increasing," he emphasized.

The president noted that a previous limited cabinet meeting had reached a decision to set up a working unit under the president to promote the Pancasila ideology.

"We want that the values (Pancasila) are deeply ingrained in our mindset and reflected in our mental outlook, lifestyle and behavior," he added.