Indonesia, Malaysia cooperate to promote MSMEs

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - State-owned insurance company Perum Jamkrindo is cooperating with Malaysias Credit Guarantee Corporation, Malaysia Berhad, to expand the funding and market potentials of micro, small, and medium corporations.

Jamkrindos Chief Executive Officer Diding S. Anwar said in a press statement received here on Tuesday that his office fully supported the Malaysian companys decision to initiate a cross-country cooperation aimed to further develop Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

"We have suggested that both Jamkrindo and Malaysias CGCMB sign a Memorandum of Understanding to accommodate the measures that would be taken to further train MSMEs from both countries," he stated while receiving the CGCMB delegations.

CGCMB is Indonesias development partner as well as the countrys counterpart in the Asian Credit Supplementation Institutions Confederation.

Anwar further said that Jamkrindo will be launching the Management Consultation and MSMEs Accompaniment programs aimed to train both insured and non-insured businesses in order for them to strengthen their endeavor and reach the international market.

Indonesias MSMEs also need access to both Malaysian market and supply chain, he added.

For that reason, Indonesia and Malaysia can partner up to expand the MSMEs through a number of measures, including empowering each others diasporas, he noted.

"Perum Jamkrindo and CGCMB can be expanded through a number of ways, including by information dissemination or management consultation for MSMEs with the adequate business potentials, the creation of markets or outlets that are sustained by Indonesia and Malaysia, the empowerment of diasporas in each country, as well as other measures that can promote the roles of MSMEs from both countries in the regional ASEAN level and in the international community," he concluded.(*)