This is the message we take for everyone in all parts of the world."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) emphasizes the priority to uphold the safety of journalists while doing their tasks, as is guaranteed under the freedom of press.

"We link freedom of press to the freedom of expression that is for everyone. Freedom of press for those practicing journalism as a profession aimed at informing society. It is very important in the world today that we also link that to the issue of safety of journalists, and there should be a guarantee by the state, and the required freedom should be offered to the journalists," UNESCOs Assistant Director-General Communication and Information stated on World Press Freedom Day here.

According to La Rue, every state must guarantee the safety of journalists as well as the freedom to access information, maintain privacy, and use of internet for communication.

UNESCO views the safety of journalists as a major requirement, so that they can carry out their duties in the face of violence, particularly sexual harassment against women, which has reportedly increased in several parts of the world, intimidation, and the spread of fear.

"This is the message we take for everyone in all parts of the world. Here, in the Southeast Asian region, we believe that it is important to enhance the role of journalism and is also the commitment of the Asian nations," La Rue marked.

To this end, UNESCO expects that the freedom of expression, offered in other regions, such as Latin America, Africa, and Europe, would also be implemented in the Southeast Asian region.

La Rue highlighted the need to hold a dialog and share ideas in this region whose media companies and/or institutions are strong and get complete support of society.

Moreover, the issue of freedom of press should not solely be discussed once, but every day to develop the same perspective on it.

"We do not have emerging solutions. This is important. The solutions have to be designed by holding a multistakeholder dialog between civil society, journalist associations, and state institutions," La Rue added.

(Reported by Dyah Dwi A./Uu.Y013/INE/KR-BSR/O001)

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