Female worker from Indramayu goes missing in Syria

Indramayu, W Java (ANTARA News) - A female worker from the Indonesias West Java District of Indramayu, identified as Tasimpen, had reportedly lost contact for nine years in conflict-hit Syria.

According to Juwarih, chairperson of the Indonesian Migrant Workers Union of Indramayu chapter here on Monday, Tasimpens family expressed hope that the government will help find the female worker.

"In Dec 2008, Tasimpen was flown to Syria as an informal sector worker by PT Millennium Putri Mandiri and so far, there has been no contact with her family," Juwarih stated, adding that she would submit a complaint to the Indonesian Embassy in Syria.

In the meantime, Rastinah, the elder sister of Tasimpen, explained that in early Oct 2008, Tasimpen was recruited by a manpower affairs sponsor called Tana, originating from Telukagung village in Indramayu.

Tasimpen was then flown to Jakarta as a migrant worker to the Middle East.

"A day before leaving (for the Middle East), my sister made a phone call to inform that she would be flown to Syria," Rastinah revealed.

Since then, our family has never communicated with Tasimpen, either via mail or by phone, Rastinah added. (*)