Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Minister of Manpower M Hanif Dhakiri inaugurated the groundbreaking construction of 300 houses for Indonesian migrant workers, as part of a series of International Labor Day celebrations in Ponorogo, East Java province, on Monday.

"Hopefully, the laying of the first stone of the housing in Ponorogo can provide benefits for migrant workers. The housing loan installment also should not burden the public," he stated in a press statement received from the Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Manpower in Jakarta on Monday.

The construction of houses of type 36 and 45 is being done on an area of 6,240 square meters.

On the occasion, Dhakiri expressed appreciation to various parties, who have initiated to help create housing for Indonesian migrant workers.

"The government continues to support and facilitate the construction of houses for migrant workers in various regions in Indonesia. Hopefully, it can improve the welfare of our migrant workers," he noted.

He recalled that one important aspect to be considered for the migrant workers is to ensure that they will use their remittances or wages for productive purposes.

"We encourage the migrant workers to use their wages for more productive purposes; for example, buying houses for an investment and educational investment, so that the money they have earned abroad is beneficial and not just for consumptive use," he remarked.

The government has also urged the people, who will work abroad, to join the Workers Social Security Agency, especially for old-age benefits.

"If all migrant workers can participate in the Workers Social Security Agency, the credit for housing will be prepared by the Workers Social Security Agency," he revealed.

In addition, the government also facilitated access to micro-credit program by continuing to lower the interest rate from about 24 percent to 9 percent and 7 percent in 2017, which is considered very accessible for the community that seeks to become new entrepreneurs.

"Not only that, but other facilities can also be utilized by our migrant workers. This is one of the efforts by the government to provide better lives for our workers," he pointed out.

Reported by Arie Novarina

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