Surabaya to become first creative city in Indonesia

Surabaya to become first creative city in Indonesia

Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini (center) (ANTARA/Yudhi Mahatma)

Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA News) - Tri Rismaharini (Risma), the mayor of Surabaya, is striving to make the East Java provincial capital the first creative city in Indonesia.

Risma remarked here on Sunday that through the Startup Nation Summit from November 17-18, 2018, Surabaya will become the first creative city in the country.

"Surabaya has been well known in ASEAN and Asia but not yet in part of European countries and others, and so, the Startup Nation Summit will be the right moment to make it a creative city," Risma said.

According to her, Startup Nation Summit 2018 will look different from that of previous years.

Therefore, the City Government of Surabaya plans to package the event with the nuances of today, called Innovation Creative Digital Industry).

Risma said the Startup Nation Summit that will will be attended by 183 delegates from various countries will be collaborated with digital creative industry event with millennial nuances.

The innovation creative event will present several agenda such as digital art, community activity, virtual reality, interactive game, innovation zone workshop, and music performance.

"To be presented with many events, we hope all ages can join, because our target is to attract one million visitors," the mayor of Surabaya noted.

Risma said she will incorporate the Startup Nation Summit with creative digital agenda to realize Surabaya as the first creative city in Indonesia, to advance the startup world of Surabaya, and to bring this city to the world map.

Further, she added that her side will also promote this event through several ways in between, promotional media, mass mobilization, posters billboards, and flyers in schools.