Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Muslim-based United Development Party (PPP) will invite Hamas leader Ismail Haniya to come to Indonesia to explain the current situation in Palestine.

"We have limited access to information about Palestine. It is hoped that the presence of the Hamas leader would help us understand the future better," PPP general chairman Romahurmuzy stated here, when receiving Hamas representative for Asia, Muslim Imran, on Wednesday.

In a press statement received here on Thursday, Imran, who is also the chief of Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia (PICOM) based in Kuala Lumpur, met Romahurmuzy to deliver a two-page long letter in Arabic language from Haniya.

He also conveyed Haniya`s best regards and requested PPP`s support for the recognition of Palestinian independence.

Imran noted that the diplomatic struggle of Islamic countries would be stronger with people-to-people and party-to-party support, adding that after receiving support from Malaysian political parties, it was now time for Hamas to seek support from PPP, which is the oldest Islamic party in the country.

"PPP welcomes the invitation for cooperation with Hamas, and in connection with that, we would invite Ustadz (teacher) Haniya to visit Indonesia. We believe his presence would strengthen the solidarity and serve as a diplomatic solution not only between state officials but also between political parties," Romahurmuzy remarked.

The PPP leader reaffirmed the party`s support to Palestinian independence. Through its representatives in the parliament and the government, he revealed that PPP would continue to assure that all diplomatic efforts would be taken to make Palestine`s independence recognized across the world.

He added that PPP would initiate a Palestinian cultural organization, similar to the PICOM in Indonesia, in cooperation with other political parties.

On the occasion, Romahurmuzy expressed deep concern and condemned the acts of violence committed by Israel in the past three days, which have left 17 people dead.

He also conveyed PPP`s rejection of US President Donald Trump`s declaration to unilaterally shift Israel`s capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Reported by Sigit Pinardi

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