Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Wushu team won one gold, four silver, and five bronze medals in the Junior World Championships in Brasilia, Brazil, from July 9 to 16.

The gold medal of the Indonesian Wushu team was presented by Jevon Kusmoyo, who played in the Taijiquan B event, the Indonesian Wushu Association stated in a written statement received by Antara in Jakarta on Saturday.

"Thank God, our team has collected one gold, four silver, and five bronze medals," Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartarto, who is also the Chairman of Wushu Indonesia`s Supervisory Board (PB WI), stated.

Hartarto is optimistic that Indonesian wushu athletes will be able to showcase their best performance to increase their medals.

PB Wushu Indonesia sent 20 junior wushu athletes, consisting of 12 taolu athletes and 8 sand athletes.

"They are the athletes of the National Senior Championships and Junior Cup Kings in Yogyakarta, in March," he noted.

Besides winning the gold medal, Jevon Kusmoyo also won the silver medal in Taiji number. Three other silver medals were each won by Nadya Permata on Changquan number, Joyceline on Jianshu event, and Nadya Permata on Ginshu A.

Five bronze medals were won by Thalia Marvelina on Gunshu, Nelson Louis on Jianshu number, Patricia Geraldine on Jianshu type, Ahmad Gifari on Spear branch, and Joyceline at number Nanquan B.

"This junior wushu team will be the forerunner of today`s senior team coaches," Hartarto revealed. "We provide opportunities for junior athletes to gain experience in the world championships, so that there is no gap between juniors and seniors."

He added that wushu has become one of the most reliable sports branches in Indonesia. In the wushu championship and a discipline in Moscow, Russia, from Feb 16 to 20, 2018, the Red and White team won three golds, two silvers, and one bronze.

Earlier, in the 14th Wushu World Championships in Kazan, Russia, from Sept 28 to Oct 3, 2017, which was followed by 60 countries, Indonesia was able to collect one gold medal, four silvers, and one bronze. This achievement puts Indonesia on the 4th rank by lowering 15 athletes, consisting of 9 Taoli athletes and 6 athletes fighting.

PB Wushu Indonesia will continue to spur the spirit of the athletes, in order to remain a pride for the entire nation of Indonesia, he asserted.

"As the host of the Asian Games, we also have to be successful in the event. Wushu will be one of the mainstay for gold at Asian Games 2018," he pointed out.

Reporter: Imam Santoso
Editor: Andi Abdussalam
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