Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Taiwan`s Ju Percussion Group (JPG) performed in Komunitas Salihara Arts Center in Jakarta on Tuesday night as part of the Indonesian Salihara International Performing Arts Festival (SIPFEST) on Aug 14 and 15.

JPG is invited to join and perform in two major arts festivals in Southeast Asia this August, namely SIPFEST and Bangkok`s International Festival of Dance & Music in Thailand.

Titled "Stunning Virtuosity," the performance yesterday was JPG`s signature concert, featuring renowned pieces such as "3 Epilogues," "J Effect," "Solar Myth," "Zhong Kui Marrying his Sister off," "Espiritu Libre," and "Drumming Fest." These are drawn from a repertoire of some 230 commissioned works for the ensemble.

At the end of the concert, JPG presented an encore of a Taiwanese special, combing the pop-music piece "You are the only one in my Heart" and Taiwan`s folk-song classic "Longing for the Spring Breeze" by Teng Yu-hsien together.

The audience at Komunitas Salihara Arts Center warmly received JPG, giving the concert a round of applause. The performers on stage even received standing ovations several times in the end.

In an interview with Antara after the concert, Tzong-Ching Ju, the founder and artistic director of JPG, remarked that it was the first time the ensemble traveled to Indonesia. The group enjoys introducing Taiwan`s percussion music to people around the world and hopes to visit southeast Asia`s biggest country again, he added.

Ju noted that the sound of percussion instruments is similar to that of the human heartbeat, which is why JPG`s performances can arouse echoes in people`s heart. Ju added that he aims at introducing Taiwan`s multi-culture to Indonesia through percussion music.

As a cooperation with Taipei City Government, the ensemble invited pipa player Pei-ling Chung from Taipei Chinese Orchestra to perform the piece "Zhong Kui Marrying his Sister off" together yesterday evening.

Yung-feng Chung, Commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government, accompanied JPG`s tour this time. Chung noted that JPG`s concerts highlight the beauty of Taiwan`s people and culture to Indonesia, which is an essential move for Taiwan`s New Southbound Policy in terms of cultural interaction.

Reporting by Chi Jo-yao
Editing by Elizwan Azly

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