Philippines explores reopening of Davao-Manado direct flights

Philippines explores reopening of Davao-Manado direct flights

Sam Ratulangi airport in Manado, North Sulawesi. (FOTO ANTARA/Basrul Haq)

Manado, N Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - The Philippines government is exploring the reopening of direct flights from Davao to Manado, after it was halted for more than three years.

"This was conveyed by the Philippines government during the visit to Manado by a delegation from the neighboring country last weekend," Deputy Mayor of Manado, Mor Bastiaan, said here on Wednesday.

He stated that a seven-member delegation from this neighboring country was led by Abdulgani Macatoman from the Philippines Ministry of Trade and Industry. The delegation was directly accompanied by the Philippines Consul General in Manado, Manuel Ayap, who explained about exploring the possibility of reviving this matter.

According to him, the Philippines plans to launch direct flights thrice a week from Davao to Manado using Philippine Airlines and get warm responses from Manado and North Sulawesi in general.

Bastiaan noted that in addition to fulfilling the wish of the Philippines, his party also conveyed the potentials of the provincial capital, which is basically investment-friendly.

"Moreover, the Philippines government seeks to know the potential and the latest developments in Manado, so as to make use of all the latest developments in Manado, especially in the development of tourism. Hence, it not only opens flights but also businesses in Manado," he remarked.

On the other hand, Bastiaan revealed that the Government of Manado welcomed this and hoped to be able to reopen the flights soon, because it had previously been opened in Manado.

According to him, this will bring many benefits for Manado, considering that North Sulawesi tourism, especially Manado, is developing rapidly at present. Therefore, direct flights will be very beneficial for this region, because foreign tourists from neighboring countries can directly enter without travelling from Jakarta or Bali.

Reporting by Joyce Hestyawatie B

Editing by Eliswan