Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Tourism is one of the investment sectors to be offered by Indonesia at the 2018 IMF-World Bank annual meeting in Bali, Head of the Investment Coordinating Board Thomas Lembong stated.

"Tourism is very obvious feasible. Tourism helps boost our economy and enhance foreign exchange," Lembong remarked after a meeting at the Jakarta Maritime Affairs Ministry, here, Tuesday.

Lembong pointed out that the IMF-World Bank meeting, held on October 8-14, 2018, in Bali, offered momentum to Indonesia to increase foreign exchange through investment in the tourism sector.

In addition, Indonesia will emphasize control over the consumption of imported fuels by using biodiesel or cheaper biofuel mixtures.

"We will also highlight the trade balance, especially imported fuel, with local biodiesel products at cheaper prices. This is a positive step that should be given attention in the energy and fuel sector," Lembong pointed out.

At the IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting, the government also plans to offer investment opportunities of US$42.2 billion, with a total project value of around $86 billion.

Meanwhile, Sahala Lumban Gaol, a special staff member for the State-owned Enterprises Minister, remarked that the government did not expect investment to come from this bidding, as the most important target is that Indonesia could utilize the momentum to invite capital inflows.

The investment models offered by the government include direct investment in the form of strategic partnerships of $6.6 billion for 13 projects, participation in equity of $21.2 billion for 45 projects, and project financing of $11.6 billion for 19 projects.

Other investment models include investments in capital market in the form of domestic bonds of $748 million for two projects, project bonds of $1.2 billion for one project, and infrastructure funds of $852 million for four projects.

The sectors offered by the government include investments in electricity, oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, construction and infrastructure of transportation, seaports, airports, property and real estate, tourism and hospitality, defense, and capital markets.

Reporting by Mentari Dwi Gayati
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