Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo believes that hospitals in Indonesia are capable of developing an integrated system to become smart hospitals.

"The integration of services is supported by adequate human resources, infrastructure, and technology. Everything will be integrated eventually. There are several examples of smart hospitals in the world, including in California, where many of them have become smart hospitals as a result of a cooperation with Silicon Valley," the president noted in his remarks during the opening of the Indonesian Hospital Association Congress in Jakarta, Wednesday.

He believed that vast developments in technology and the use of big data can help in identifying diseases in humans.

It can also sustain a complete spectrum, from diagnostic to technotherapeutic.

The state leader pointed out that the world is entering the industrial revolution 4.0, which can rapidly bring about changes.

"The association needs to prepare, plan, and take precautionary measures in the face of these changes and think about where they want to bring this. These need to be thought about now. Several innovations have been made in the health sector. There are applications for children and also 3D printing technology for cells," the president noted.

In his remarks, President Widodo also reminded that technological advancements can change the people`s lifestyle and potentially compromise the level of health.

Reporting Bayu Prasetyo
Aria Cindyara

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