Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto said the act of defending Tauhid was driven by HTI organization that had been dissolved and parties with political interests.

"The demonstration was driven by groups using it for political purposes and by HTI friends," Wiranto said after a dialogue with leaders of Islamic organizations at the Political, Legal and Security Affairs Coordinating Ministry (Menkopolham) Office in Jakarta, Friday.

For this reason, the former TNI commander reminded Muslims who were demonstrating to be careful and aware of hidden agendas.

Demonstrations that sometimes aim well at building a positive understanding, he said, can be driven by other groups for political purposes.

During this time, said Wiranto, the debate was still quite fierce about burning the flag from the point of view of the flag, considering the HTI flag and the point of view of the Tauhid flag.

The police have carried out judicial proceedings against the burners or flag bearers, but those acting in defence of tauhid have been held twice.

Now, even though the dialogue between the government and the leaders of Islamic organizations about the flag burning event in Garut reached an agreement and it is hoped there will be no commotion, he plans to hold dialogues and meetings regularly.

"I think a meeting like this will be held regularly, periodically so that our shared goodness, among both fellow Muslims and interfaith, will be maintained," said Wiranto.

Reporting by Dyah Dwi Astuti
Editing by Eliswan, Bustanuddin

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Editor: Heru Purwanto
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