Business meeting raises productivity of two thousand workers

Business meeting raises productivity of two thousand workers

Director General of Small and Medium Industries of the Ministry of Industry Gati Wibawaningsih. (ANTARA News / Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Industry)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The business meeting `Link and Match` between small-scale entrepreneurs (SMEs) and large industries could increase the productivity of about two thousand workers, a director general stated.

Director General of SME of the Ministry of Industry, Gati Wibawaningsih, made the statement after attending the business meeting among automotive SMEs, brand holder agents (APM) tier, and large industries at the Ministry of Industry in Jakarta on Tuesday.

"For example, let us make a calculation. An automotive component SME has 20 workers, and today, we invite 100 SMEs. This means there are two thousand SME workers who have the potential to be continuously productive," the director general remarked.

She added that creating quality workers was one of the challenges being faced in developing and strengthening SMEs.

For this reason, the Ministry of Industry will provide assistance to SMEs by developing partnership with large industries.

"When the industry grows, we also have to prepare the workforce. Therefore, there must be cooperation," Wibawaningsih revealed.

The SME director general of the Ministry of Industry noted that her office is currently working to connect vocational high schools (SMK) with industry.

The connection between the world of education and industry, according to Wibawaningsih, can be one solution to the problem of insufficient quality workforce in Indonesia.

In a business meeting at the Ministry of Industry, on Tuesday, there were 15 SMEs who were ready to partner with large industries.

There are three large companies that signed partnership contracts at the event, namely PT Dharma Polimetal, PT Mada Wikri Tunggal, and PT United Tractor Pandu Engineering (Patria). The three of them partnered with seven SMEs from Tegal District, Central Java.

Reporting by Genta Tenri Mawangi