Jakarta (ANTARA) - US-based Indonesian movie director Livi Zheng, contracted by Walt Disney Pictures since January 2019, captured on film a vote count in Los Angeles, the United States, Wednesday (Apr 17).

"I made this film at Indonesian Consul General in Los Angeles Saud Purwanto Krisnawan's request, as he believes this is a historic moment, so I am glad to shoot (the voting process in Los Angeles)," Zheng stated from Los Angeles in a message to Antara on Friday (Apr 19).

The filming of the movie was done with assistance from some crew members equipped with three cameras, the Indonesian director, who place of origin is Malang, East Java, remarked, adding that the three-minute film also featured interviews with several sources comprising the Indonesian Consul General in Los Angeles Saud Purwanto Krisnawan and Chairperson of the Los Angeles Election Committee Abroad (PPLN) Metta Surya.

Zheng opined that the film shed light on the counting of ballots from those sent via post and those voting at the Indonesian Consulate in Los Angeles on Apr 13.

"In the interview covering the film's making, Metta Surya said the ballots were sent by post on Mar 13 and received on Apr 17 when simultaneous vote counting was held in Indonesia and abroad," Zheng remarked, expressing optimism that television stations and online media would air the film.

Zheng voiced Consul General Krisnawan's delight over the smooth implementation of the 2019 Election, including during the voting on Saturday (Apr 13) and the counting process on Wednesday (Apr 17).

"We organized a bazaar and music since this was a democratic fiesta, and we hope that the public would be glad. Moreover, the Indonesian ladies organization readied a Kids Corner," Krisnawan remarked as quoted by Zheng as saying.

The Los Angeles Election Committee Abroad had included 12,984 people on the permanent voters list abroad for the 2019 elections. Of this figure, 12,382 were registered and chose to vote by post, while the remaining cast their ballot at the Consulate General in Los Angeles.

Voter turnout in Los Angeles was recorded as the strongest across United States.

Arizona, Utah, Southern Nevada, Southern California, and the Pacific Islands Region fall under the jurisdiction of the Indonesian Consulate in Los Angeles.

Reporter: Bambang Purwanto
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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