Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran Sulaiman received Argentina's Vice President Gabriela Michetti at the former's office on Wednesday to establish bilateral cooperation, especially over agricultural products.

During the meeting, Amran claimed that Argentina had offered corn for fodder, given that Indonesia imported quite a large number of these commodities. However, the Minister of Agriculture did not accept the offer.

"We said we used to import it from them but are now self-sufficient, and even export corn," Amran Sulaiman said at his office here on Wednesday.

Indonesia imports corn from Argentina through the assignment of 280,000 tons of Bulog (state logistics agency). Imports of corn for fodder are carried out in three stages, namely 100,000 tons at the end of November 2018, 30,000 tons and 150,000 tons in January 2019.

However, Amran revealed to the Vice President of Argentina that Indonesia could fulfill its domestic production through the irrigation systems.

Amran revealed that the Ministry of Agriculture built a rainwater harvesting system, as well as many reservoirs and dams.

During the bilateral meeting, Indonesia also explored the potential for cooperation in agricultural technology from Argentina, including efficient and environmentally friendly storage systems (silo bag), as well as no till farming technology that can shorten the process and cut production costs.

"Argentina is ready to invest in Indonesia, especially in agricultural equipment and machinery, and has been tested, more specifically, dryers in Central Java," said Amran Sulaiman.

Translator: Bambang Purwanto
Editor: Sri Haryati
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