KPU violated procedures in inputting data in Situng: Bawaslu

KPU violated procedures in inputting data in Situng: Bawaslu

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) reported that the General Election Commission (KPU) had failed to follow the necessary procedures in entering data into the vote counting information system (Situng).

Chairperson of the Assembly Abhan remarked at the Bawaslu Session Room here on Thursday that the KPU was found to have legally violated the procedures while inputting data into the Situng.

"The KPU has been instructed to streamline procedures and those related to the input of data in Situng," Abhan remarked during a reading session on the decision on administrative violations Number 07 / LP / PP / ADM / RI / 00.00 / V / 2019.

The decision mandated the KPU to ascertain that valid, verifiable, and accountable data is entered into the Situng to prevent any turmoil in the community. Bawaslu has also assessed Situng based on the principle of information disclosure.

Ratna Dewi Petalolo, an assembly member, drew attention to article 532 and 536 of Election Law No. 7 of 2017 stipulating that any individual deliberately committing an act that causes a voter's voice to become unworthy or results in some election participants getting additional or lesser votes is liable to be awarded a maximum four-year prison term and be fined Rp48 million.

This decision was reached at a plenary meeting in which the five Bawaslu leaders were present on Tuesday (May 14). However, it was only read out today along with the reports of alleged quick count administrative violations.

Several reporters, Maulana Bungaran, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, Hendra Arifin and Ahmad Wildan were attendees at the meeting.