Japan extends grant for reconstruction, disaster mitigation

Japan extends grant for reconstruction, disaster mitigation

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Japan has agreed to give Indonesia a grant of 5.089 billion yen for three reconstruction and disaster mitigation projects and a loan of 30.980 billion yen to develop waste waterways in Jakarta.

Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Masafumi Ishii and Director General of Asia-Pacific and African Affairs of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry Desra Percaya signed an exchange of notes (E/N) on the grants and loans here on Friday.

Under the exchange of notes, Japan will carry out a technical cooperation project to formulate a reconstruction design, prepare a program to implement the reconstruction design and realize the program.

The grant is also part of the efforts to provide reconstruction assistance, the Japanese Embassy said in a written statement.

With the assistance, the rehabilitation and reconstruction of disaster-hit areas could hopefully be realized soon to contribute to the creation of a sturdy community in the event of a natural disaster.

The grants will be used to build Palu 4 Bridge in Central Sulawesi province, which will cost 2.5 billion yen. The grants will also be used to build roads affected by a powerful earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi in September last year.

The project will hopefully benefit the local people so that it can contribute to the creation of a sturdy community in case of natural disasters.

The project in the form of heavy-duty equipment assistance worth 600 million yen will be directed toward reconstructing disaster-hit areas in Central Sulawesi.

The third project that Japan will assist in is strengthening the information system of natural disaster mitigation worth 1.989 yen.