Cibinong (ANTARA) -
The local government of Bogor district in West Java will impose a fine of 50 million Rupiah and a maximum imprisonment of three months for people convicted of littering.

"The Bogor district government is not reluctant to issue harsh sanctions to anyone who litters. The sanction is a maximum imprisonment of three months and a fine of 50 million Rupiah," the Head of Bogor district, Ade Yasin, said here on Tuesday.

Yasin mentioned that the penalties for littering will be regulated in Article 9 Paragraph 2 of Bogor Governor Regulation No. 4 of 2015 concerning Public Order.

He further mentioned that he had instructed the Bogor district Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) to collaborate with the Cibinong District Court to enforce the regulation.

"So, from now on, do not litter if you do not want to be sanctioned. Let's keep the environment clean by throwing garbage in its place," said Yasin.

Moreover, to overcome waste problems in the district, the local government also created a waste zoning system.

"This waste zoning system was created, considering the waste processing site in Nambo. It is difficult for residents of Jasinga to throw their garbage in Nambo since the distance is too far. A closer garbage dump must be provided," Yasin stated.

Therefore, he continued, the local government plans to build a waste processing plant in the western, eastern, southern and northern parts of Bogor district.

"This is not a landfill, but an integrated waste processing plant. All waste will be processed here, but it's not like Galuga landfill," stated Head of Waste Management Division of the Bogor Environment Office, Atis Tardiana.


Translator: M Fikri Setiawan, Yuni Arisand
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