Baringin to realize economic independence through village fund program

Baringin to realize economic independence through village fund program

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Tanah Datar, West Sumatera (ANTARA) - Located deep in Tanah Datar District, West Sumatra province, Baringin Village was among few in the province chosen to receive the village fund program by Indonesia's Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration Ministry in 2018.

The allocation of funding targets bringing about improvement in societal welfare through constructing several roads to offer access to farmlands, repairing the irrigation system, and improving the drainage system, among several others.

Irman Idrus, the Baringin village head, remarked that the dismal maintenance of the village's irrigation system had resulted in the improper distribution of water that hindered the farmers' efforts to maximize their yields.

The village fund considerably aided in repairing the irrigation system by constructing a 328-meter-long concrete wall along the irrigation line.

"The farmers were increasingly dependent on the irrigation system. Through the disbursal of the village fund, water can be distributed optimally to all sections of the rice fields," Irman explained.

To ascertain the sustainability of the funding, the village government had also initiated the establishment of a village-owned enterprise (VoE) and offered yearly entrepreneurship training to communities to facilitate the realization of economic independence.

Idrus remarked that the VoE also had several social-oriented businesses, including the drinking water payment service, electricity production, and concrete-mixing machine rental.

"The VoE also serves as a marketplace for all goods produced by villagers, including shoes, sandals, and embroidery works," the Baringin village head stated.

The Nagari Baringin village government has filed the village fund management in a transparent and periodic manner, through the information board, located at the heart of the village, and it can also be viewed publicly on