Sailboat crew members survive mishap with raft.

Sailboat crew members survive mishap with raft.

Suparmanto, skipper of motor sailboat Seruyan Raya, underwent a medical checkup at the Sampit port authority office on Sunday (July 21, 2019) (Photo KSOP Sampit)

Sampit (ANTARA) - The skipper and five crew members of a motor sailboat which sank in the waters of East Kotawaringin district, Central Kalimantan province survived by staying on a raft "Before the boat sank, we thought of how to survive until the help came. We stay on the raft made available at the boat while waiting for the help," the boat's skipper Suparmanto said in Sampit, Central Kalimantan, on Sunday.

He said before the boat called Seruyan Raya sank the crew members braced themselves for the worst if the help was late.

They managed to contact the owner of the boat using satellite phone .

"We brought with us a box of instant noodle and a gallon of mineral water to stay (until the help came). We thank God that we survived," he said.

The motor sailboat carrying six people and rubber left Sampit on Friday (July 19, 2019). It is believed the boat sank at around 12.00 local time, 17 miles from Ujung Pandaran coast.
Chief of the National Search and Rescue Agency post in Sampit, Suprapto said all the survivors were evacuated by the company's boat sent to the scene after receiving a report from the skipper.

"The six victims have been taken to the Indonesian Navy post in Samuda and later to Sampit. We, along with the joint team help the evacuation run smoothly," he said.