Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned power company PLN's Regional Master Unit in Papua and West Papua stationed a Power Recovery Team after the mass rally in Wamena that resulted in damage to several of the company's assets.

Based on the data accrued in Jakarta, Wednesday, 45 personnel, comprising PLN employees and partners, were sent to the grounds to recover the power system in the area.

The team also brought the necessary tools for the power recovery and communication infrastructure.

"While awaiting the situation to become conducive, we focus on operating the generator first. Networks were disconnected, and the station was disrupted, resulting in several locations losing power," General Manager of PLN's Papua and West Papua Master Unit J. A. Ari Dartomo stated.

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Currently, the power to be channeled from the Walesi and Sinagma micro hydropower plants and the Sinagma diesel power plant increased by 1.5 MW as compared to Monday night. The additional power is delivered to Wamena Airport, Jayawijaya Regional Police Station, 1702 Jayawijaya Regional Military Command, and Wamena Regional Hospital as temporary community posts.

"In terms of the extent of damage or assets that were affected, we will conduct an inventory throughout the network once the authorities give us instructions," he stated.

Some feeders are yet not operational, as the network is still damaged. PLN continues to strive for electricity services by maximizing operating feeders.

"We will do our best to restore electricity supply as soon as possible, but we still prioritize the security and safety of the officers," he added.

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