Raja Ampat is often referred to as "Heaven on Earth", "Miracle of Papua", "Underwater Paradise on Earth", or "Real Wonder of the World" for its enthralling marine panorama
Waisai, W Papua (ANTARA) - Raja Ampat District in West Papua Province will hold the Maritime Festival 2019 on Oct 18-23.

Some 200 domestic and foreign tourists were projected to take part in the marine tourism event, Ranny Iriani Tumundo, chairperson of the Indonesian Tourist Guide Association’s (HPI's) Raja Ampat chapter, stated here on Monday.

The district government has tasked Travel G-tour, Ethnic Journey, and HPI Raja Ampat with preparing tour packages for guests during the festival.

HPI Raja Ampat will deploy at least 30 competent tour guides to help tourists during the event that aims to promote Raja Ampat’s tourism and boost the economy of the local community.

They will help tourists explore the islands of Fam and Tekuk Mayalibit, she remarked. The tour guides will be supported by local rangers.

"We are upbeat about every element of society being able to help support the implementation of the Maritime Festival 2019 and make it a success and be beneficial for the economy of the local inhabitants of Raja Ampat," she stated.

Raja Ampat is often referred to as "Heaven on Earth", "Miracle of Papua", "Underwater Paradise on Earth", or "Real Wonder of the World" for its enthralling marine panorama.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia’s crown jewel, has crystal-clear turquoise waters and isles covered with thick green carpets of dense forests and mangrove swamps.

The district has a geopark that is much more scenic than the one in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

In 2012, the district was included on the list of Real Wonders of the World and has been recognized as one of the world's 10 most scenic diving sites and been rated number one for its rich marine floral and faunal diversity.

The district has some 1,700 islands, including the unoccupied and scenic Isle of Wayag, made of karst or limestone from other isles.

Located in the Coral Triangle, the heart of the world's coral reef biodiversity, between the Pacific and Indian oceans in eastern Indonesia's West Papua Province, the world is now taking notice of Raja Ampat after the Indonesian government intensified its tourism promotion here.

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