Prices were relatively controlled, especially in terms of administered prices
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded an inflation rate throughout 2019 of 2.72 percent because the government was able to maintain price stability, especially commodities whose administered prices are regulated by the government. "Prices were relatively controlled, especially in terms of administered prices," BPS Head Suhariyanto said at a press conference in Jakarta Thursday.

Inflation from administered prices in 2019 was only recorded at 0.51 percent compared to 2018 at 3.36 percent, Suhariyanto said.

Inflation from government-regulated prices in 2019 was also lower than the core inflation of 3.02 percent and volatile food inflation of 4.3 percent.

"Last year, there was an increase in gasoline prices which contributed to 0.26 percent inflation and 0.10 percent air freight rates, which no longer contributed to inflation in 2019," he said.

Based on BPS data, the dominant commodities contributing to national inflation in 2019 included gold jewelry at 0.16 percent and red chili at 0.15 percent.

Also, house rental rates and shallots were 0.10 percent, respectively while fresh fish, filter clove cigarettes and rice with side dishes were at 0.09 percent respectively.

Home contract rates contributed 0.08 percent, while garlic and household assistant wages were at 0.06 percent.

Earlier in December 2019, BPS recorded an inflation rate of 0.34 percent due to the increase in food prices towards the end of the year.

The highest inflation occurred in Batam at 1.28 percent and the lowest in Watampone of 0.01 percent. The highest deflation was in Manado at 1.88 percent and the lowest deflation was in Bukittinggi and Singkawang at 0.01 percent.

With this achievement, inflation in 2019 was recorded at 2.72 percent or still below the 3.5 percent target.

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